Weekly Sports Happenings

Weekly Sports Happenings



Year 3-6

Solway Canes

Practice on a Thursday at lunchtime with Joe, from 1.00-1.30 pm 

Solway Chiefs

Practice on a Monday at lunchtime with Natasha, from 1.00-1.30 pm 

Solway Bulls

Practice on a Tuesday after school with Sam, from 3.00-3.30 pm 

Touch Draw for Thursday 24th November

3.45 pm 

Solway Chiefs VS Lakeview Lions

Field 7

4.15 pm

Solway Bulls vs St Pat’s Red 

Field 3

Solway Bulls to provide an umpire

4.15 pm

Solway Canes VS MPS Kakapo

Field 7


Year 1-4

Solway Pulse

Practice on a Tuesday at lunchtime with Sarah, from 1.00-1.20 pm 

Solway Stars

Practice on a Wednesday after school with Sonya, from 3.00-3.20 pm

Solway Tactix

Practice on a Monday at lunchtime with Ashleigh, from 1.00-1.30 pm

Solway Diamonds

Practice on a Friday with Natasha at lunchtime, 1.00-1.20 pm 

Netball Draw

Tuesday 22nd November

Year 1/2 draw

3.45 pm Warm up with Coach Sarah

4.00 pm

Solway Pulse vs Fernridge Mystics court 7 Cameron End

3.45 pm Warm up with Coach Sonya

4.00 pm

Solway Stars vs Fernridge Star  Court 8 Pavilion End

Year 3/4 draw

4.30 pm Warm up with Coach Ashleigh

4.45 pm

Solway Tactix vs Gladstone Ferns Court 2

4.30 pm Warm up with Coach Tash

4.45 pm

Solway Diamonds vs MPS Kakariki Court 6


Term 4: Year 0-3

Practice on Friday at lunchtime with Halie, 1.00-1.20 pm.

Draw for Saturday 26th November

9am: Solway Comets vs DPS Dodgers @ Solway

Wellington Regional Athletics

We have had 9 tamariki qualify for this event. 

Congratulations to 

Holly D, Kendyl G, Meila G, Tayla C, Evie M, Mason D, 

Angus B, Tamati H and Madison Brooking.  

All of these tamariki will be contacted by email and will receive all the necessary documentation .